1 Please introduce yourself in English.(自我介绍)

Respect professors:

Good morning. I am very glad to be here for this interview. Now allow me to give a brief introduction.

At first, my name is ???, a twenty-one years old boy. I come from Kaifeng, a city with a long cultural history of Henan Province. I will graduate from China University of mining and technology, and I major in information Security.

Second, in my studies, I have achieved great academic grades, and I have received National Inspirational Scholarship two times. Meanwhile, I actively participate in a number of competitions and have many scientific research experiences. In terms of competitions, I received first prize in the China Engineering Robot Competition. Additionally, I took charge of a provincial innovation and participated in a school innovation. These projects have exercised my innovation and research skills.

At last, ??University is always my dream. This reminds me of a sentence. “for you, thousands of times.” So I cherish this opportunity very much.

Thank you so much for your time and I sincerely wish you have a pleasant day! Thank you.

2 Say a little about your hobbies(爱好)

I like listening to songs quietly, and My favorite singer is Jay Chou. Because When I am in trouble, songs can make me calm down. When I am very tired, songs can bring me strength. When I am angry with something,songs can also make me happy with life again. In my opinion, Listening to music keeps me in a good mood and reminds me of the past. This is my hobby, not just a hobby, but also a true friend.


3 Say a little about your hometown(介绍家乡:清明上河园、开封府)

I come from Kaifeng, a city with a long cultural history of Henan Province. It was the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty and once one of the greatest cities in the world. It is the ancient capital of seven dynasties and has many beautiful scenery. it has many places of interest, such as Kaifeng mansion, Longting, Qingming Shanghe garden. Many tourists come to visit every year. And I hope teachers can have time to visit Kaifeng. I believe it can leave a deep impression on everyone. Thank you.

我来自河南省文化历史悠久的城市开封。 它是北宋的首都,曾经是世界上最伟大的城市之一。 是七朝古都,风景秀丽。 开封名胜古迹众多,如开封府、龙亭、清明上河园等。 每年都有很多游客前来参观。 也希望老师们有时间去开封看看。 我相信一定会给你留下深刻的印象。 谢谢你。

4 Introduce your project(介绍项目,我介绍的项目是中国工程机器人)

I want to introduce the project of China engineering robot competition. In this competition project, my teammates and I need to build a biped walking robot and complete the functions of walking, forward and backward somersault. I am responsible for conducting experimental debugging repeatedly to find the action combination with complementary errors.

In this process, I learned that how to do scientific research and how to cooperate with team members to complete tasks.


5 Your work and achievements in the project (你在项目中的工作与收获)

These projects have exercised my innovation and research skills. In this process, I learned how to do scientific research, how to analyze and solve problems alone, and how to cooperate with team members to complete tasks. In addition, I have confidence in my English ability, which gives me the advantage of reading or translating foreign languages.


6 What is your plan for your graduate study(介绍规划:“介绍研究生规划”“你研究生阶段的计划”)

In the graduate stage, I want to read professional literature and books extensively, exchange academic difficulties with teachers, and assist my teachers to carry out team research. After school life, I will participate in sports to ensure that I have a healthy body.



In the first year of master’s student, I need to study graduate courses seriously and keep working hard. And I need to improve my academic English level and strengthen the training of English reading and writing ability. In addition, I also need to read widely and pay attention to the frontier of the discipline.

In the second year of master’s student, I need to constantly improve my scientific research ability, constantly pursue innovation, strive to make high-level achievements, publish high-quality papers, and climb the academic peak

In the third year of master’s student, I hope to finish my master’s thesis and try my best to publish it in internationally renowned journals. Finally, I hope to give full play to my professional strength and work potential, and maximize my life value




7 Why do you choose to go to graduate school(你为什么要选择读研究生?)

Because I found that there are many interesting research during the University. I want to improve my professional skills and satisfy my curiosity at the graduate stage. And in today’s society, a higher degree means more opportunities.


8 What is your favorite subject during your undergraduate period(本科期间你最喜欢的科目是什么)

Please introduce your major (介绍专业,我的答案同这个类似)

My favorite subject is network security. This course helps me understand the general process of network attacks, and security defense techniques, and cultivate security awareness. At the same time, it also improves my practical ability, such as network scanning and sniffing, password cracking and network spoofing. This course broadens my horizons and arouses my interest in network security.


9 Why choose ??University?(为什么选择某某大学?)

On one hand, ??University is always my dream. It is a well-known and powerful university in China. On the other hand, The teachers here have a high academic level. Here I can meet more excellent people and learn from them, and make myself better.


10 What is your greatest strength and weakness(“优缺点”)

My advantage is willing to communicate, self-motivated. And I have a good sense of teamwork.
My weakness is that always strive for perfection in doing things and not thoughtful enough.



  • 我拥有良好的身体素质和规律的生活习惯,因为我喜欢运动,每天我都会抽出一定的时间来跑步,每年也都会参加马拉松,得益于这份坚持,我身体素质非常好,研究生阶段的科研生活需要强健的身心,因此我认为在这方面我很有优势。
  • 我担任过学习委员和部门副部长,性格比较沉稳,做事认真负责,能够将大家团结在一起,擅长和师兄师姐、老师交流,所以我认为我具有很强的团结协作意识和沟通能力
  • 我一个不断追求上进的人,竞赛和项目经历较丰富,是一个具有很强进取精神和开拓创新意识的人


  • 读的书籍不多,虽然在本科期间也读过和本科专业相关的书籍,但是我很清楚,这还远远不够,所以很希望在研究生期间多读一些和专业相关的书籍,从而不断丰富自己和提升自己
  • 还有,我认为最大缺点就是专业排名,我认为可以通过专业排名表扬一个人,但不能定义一个人,我希望通过我的科研项目经历和个人能力,还有我对??的热枕之心能够得到老师认可,最后谢谢老师

11 Introducing the University (介绍大学)

The first time l entered the campus as a freshman, I was deeply attracted by her cultural atmosphere and historical connotation.

On one hand, catching up with the times, CUMT is modern and smart. It has many beautiful scenery and has a long historical background. On the other hand, My campus activities are rich and colorful. l think that I have a wonderful life in my campus.

12 Say a little about your Xu Zhou(大学所处的城市)

Xuzhou is located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province, only 300 kilometers away from Nanjing. The original name of Xuzhou is “Peng Cheng”, with 6000-year splendid culture. During its long history Xuzhou has proved to be a town of great strategic importance. Xuzhou is called the cross-road of five provinces. Now it has a complete transportation system of air, rail, highways and waterways, which brings great convenience to travelers and business people. Meanwhile, as a beautiful city with a long history, Xuzhou has many places of interest, among which Tombs of Han Dynasty and Yun Long scenic spot should be highlighted. Because of its great cultural heritage and profound historical background, it is also called “Athens of the East”.


13 What impressed you most during your college years(大学期间的深刻印象)

I think the most impressive thing is school new year’s party. In my freshman year, I attended the school new year’s party with my club friends. We performed a program called collective birthday about supporting education. Children left behind in mountainous areas have no birthdays. We hope to pass warmth in this way. This is the most impressive thing for me.

14 Could you tell the importance of English? (您觉得英语重要吗)

Yes, it’s very important. It plays an indispensable role both in my academic study and future career. When I look for some learning materials on-line, the Chinese information is usually not enough, and thus the English information works as an essential compensation.


15 How do you feel about your progress today? (对于你至今所取得的进步你是怎样看的?)

To be frank, I made a great progress in the past few years with the help of my classmates and friends. What is more important is that I learn to work with others and now I have a good sense of teamwork. All in all, the last few years are really important for me.


16 Introduce your best friend(介绍一下你最好的朋友?)

My best friend is my former junior high school classmate, our friendship has been 10 years. He is very sincere and often helps others in his life. Whenever I encounter difficulties, he always encourages me and gives me confidence. He studies very hard, so I believe his future is bright.

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